About Us

The time-honored craft of timber framing is thriving in the hands of Chris Lennox and his crew of artisans.

“Combined Timber Crafts,” as Chris explains, “is just that. It’s not about the work or inspiration of one person, but the combination of talents from individuals with their own take on the craft. Each member of the team has something to contribute.”

Structural and decorative timber crafting from the company is in big demand. Hand crafting a truss, or ridge beam, or gable takes time, but more importantly it takes vision. Vision to look at an old timber from an old barn or factory, and give it a new purpose… to see its beauty etched by time. Vision to take a new timber and work with it by hand until its natural beauty comes forth, often times looking like a timber that has its own history to tell.

This is what Chris and his crew do. They use time honored techniques, combined with modern understanding of structural integrity, and blend in a bit of western heritage, aged beauty, and the majestic quality seen in every vista of the valley. As timbers are being hand milled, stained, and distressed it’s hard to see how it all fits together until the heavy structures are lifted in place by a crane. Then the vision is clear. The beauty is evident. The drama complete.

Welcome to Combined Timber Crafts. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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