Barrett Residence

“Once we decided to incorporate trusses into our structure of our house, we called up Chris & scheduled an informal meeting. Having known Chris for more than 15 years, both Randy and I were excited to hear that he had his own shop and was using antique wood to make new trusses. We stopped by the shop & Chris had already reviewed our plans and was so complimentary of our architect’s choice of trusses and explained how he could trick them out. Once we decided on heart pine as our wood of choice, Chris went over the pros and cons of sawing off the edges and squaring it off. It was hard to imagine the unique edges being sawed off, but we trusted Chris as we wanted the trusses to be partially structural but also to have a tight fit.  He then sent us home with 2 blocks of wood with different stains (some of his own concoctions) as well as different distressed finishes.

It was a fun experience and really neat to see other trusses he was working on and the massiveness of them.  Chris was very timely with the entire process and the installation of the trusswork went up without any quirks.  His attention to detail was evident when a customer of mine pointed out how the trusses were cut at a shorter angle on on end and a longer angle on the other, so that they don’t move – I wouldn’t have thought of that, but it keeps the wood from twisting & looks great too! Chris even made carved wood pegs to go in all the holes where the trusses were bolted together – definitely a labor of love! My opinion is that trusses are the heart of a home and can really make a statement with a house – thank goodness for chris as we have a beautiful home with quite a statement!”


– Jana & Randy Barrett
Crested Butte, Colorado

Bardeen Building

“There is not a craftsman in the valley that I would recommend with more enthusiasm than Chris Lennox. I have collaborated with Chris on a number of projects, including the timber frame for my own house, and he is as dedicated, thorough and hard working as they come. We most recently worked together on a 5500 square foot house at the Skyland sub-division. There was extensive post and beam work, a king pin truss for the entry, flat trusses and perlins to support the roof structure and the timbers to accomodate over 2000 square feet of decking. It was a complicated job due to split roof lines and a number of different floor levels (six, actually). Thanks to the conscientiousness of Chris and his crew everything went together seamlessly. The joinery work was well thought-out and  and beautifully executed. Chris has mastered his craft in the true sense of the word and everyone who works with him at Combined Timber Crafts shares that same dedication.”

– Norman Bardeen
Bardeen Building, Inc.